No doubt the interferons have been a great help in treating virus infection and some cancers. However, at the wrong place, or the wrong time, excessive interferon levels can cause a wide range of serious disorders. Scientists and physicians agree that there is a worldwide unmet need for a safe and effective interferon inhibitor.

Meiogen has taken the approach to drug discovery that was so successful for antibiotics. Studying the methods used by microbes led to agents like penicillin that were developed by evolution over millions of years specifically for the purpose of inhibiting bacterial growth. Following that lead, we searched the world of viruses whose very existence depends on their ability to inhibit the human interferon system, and asked - how did they do it? In terms of useful agents, the answer was our lead compound: Normferon™.

Normferon™ is the product of a gene cloned from a virus that is a common component of childhood vaccines. This protein has evolved for the specific purpose of suppressing the interferon component of the immune response. It will be tested first in HIV/AIDS and organ transplant patients where immune suppression is already established. Normferon™ is produced using the same procedures that are being used today to produce many of the recombinant proteins currently approved by the FDA for patient care.